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accept June 2015, Call for Artists.

Leila Arboretum Ash Tree Art &
Chainsaw Sculpture Competition

"Fantasy Forest...All Creatures, Wood and Tall"

During the week of June 13-20, 2015, chainsaw sculptors and other artists from around the nation will descend upon Battle Creek and begin transforming the remnants of once-towering Ash Trees in the Arboretum into something completely new, different and unique - a sculpture park.

shape_square Ash Tree Sculptures Informationpdf

shape_square Photos of Ash Trees to be used.

shape_square Ash Tree Call for Artists Informationpdf

accept In Sun or Shadow, These Volunteers Help Make Leila'a Dramatic Entrance "Shine".

Tuesday Group

When the nearly 5,000 visitors pulled into the front entrance of the Leila Arboretum over the course of last Saturday (26 July) to attend the Leilapalooza Music Festival (30 bands on 5 outdoor stages), many "ooohed and aaahed" to the volunteers directing traffic, complimenting them on the beauty of the Arboretum's stone columned entrance and welcoming rows of flowers, plants, water pool and flowing fountain.

shape_square Link to article about our Great! "Tuesday Group".

accept August 30th, Leila Carboretum, Car Show.

car show

  • 9am - Registration .... $10 per vehicle . All show vehicles must register
  • 3pm - Awards
  • Free Dash Plaques (first 100 registered vehicles )
  • Goodie Bags for registered participants (first 100 !)
  • Trophies galore.....Open to all categories of Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles
  • Cool Cars + Cool Trees = Great Fun
  • Arboretum, Children's Garden, & more...
  • Door Prizes and Games!
  • Food Vendors and parts/crafts vendors
shape_square 2014 Carboretum Car Show Flyerpdf

accept August 23, Beat in the Creek 2014.

Beat in the creek

Leila Arboretum - 928 W. Michigan Avenue
Tickets: $17.00 Advance - $20.00 @ Gate
4:00pm until 9:30pm
Tickets Available @ Mildred's Boutique - 15 W. Michigan, Battle Creek, MI.
(Call: 269 274-9418 or 269 209-4844 for more info)

shape_square 2014 Beat in the Creek Flyerpdf

Hours of Operation

Office: 8am - 5pm weekdays.

Children's Garden: Open for the season, 7 April 2014.
Weekdays: 9am - 5pm (Apr - Oct), Saturdays: 10am - 3pm (June - Sept)

Leila Arboretum: Daily from Dawn to Dusk.

shape_square Location Map
shape_square Arboretum Grounds Mappdf
shape square Children's Garden Grounds Mappdf


 There are no daily admission or parking fees for either Leila Arboretum or the Children's Garden.

 There are fees for Grounds Rental and there may be some fees for special events.

 There are fees for Guided Tour Group Visits / Classes / Summer Break Camps at the Children's Garden. Please check the Children's Garden pages for more information.

We are running two web sites in one, Leila Arboretum and Children's Garden. Whenever you are in the Children's Garden section of the site you will see a special logo at the top of the page. Anytime you wish to return to the main Leila Arboretum section you can click on the 'Home' button at the top of the page.

 Leila Arboretum Society believes in your privacy, we do not use tracking of any type on our web site.
 You do not need a Facebook account to view basic postings on our Facebook page.