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During the summer and fall the Children's Garden has many events for families to enjoy. Hands-on activities at each event will allow your children to explore the Children's Garden and the fascinating world around of plants! You won't go home empty handed. Each event will have many materials and activities for children to take home.

Hours of Operation

Closed for the Season

Open for Special Events Only

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Help support the Children's Garden!
$2 donation request per person

2015 Events

Saturday Events are 11:00am until 2:00pm
Weekday Events are 10:00am until 12:00pm
Reduced admission at Kingman Museum offered to Saturday Event Participants.

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April 24th: Arbor Day Celebration:

Meet the Trees of Leila Arboretum through games, crafts, and hands-on activities. Every child will receive a free sapling tree to take home! (limited quantity, while supplies last)

May 30th and June 3: Garden Critters:

Find and identify the little garden critters that have homes in the Children's Garden. (Saturday LIVE animal presentation)

June 6th: Pets in the Garden:

Bring your family pet and explore the garden through the eyes of your favorite animal.

June 15th, 16th, and 17th: Fantasy Forest Art Programs:

Explore Art in Nature during programs that fall during the Fantasy Forest Art Competition at Leila Arboretum! Check out "Battle Creek's Fantasy Forest" on Facebook for more info!

June 27h and July 1st: Flying Things:

Insects, seeds, birds, and balloons.. Explore the things that fly in Battle Creek! Make a Kite of your own to take home and fly all summer long! (Saturday LIVE animal Presentation)

July 11th and 15th: Discovering Dinosaurs:

Join us in the Children's Garden to take a closer look at fossils of dinosaurs big and small. See if you have what it takes to discover dinosaurs! (Saturday LIVE animal presentation)

July 18th and 22nd: The Enchanted Garden

Dress up to enter the Enchanted Children's Garden for a day full of gnomes, fairies, and garden Magic! (Special visit from the Shari Rarick School of Dance on Saturday)

August 1st and 5th: Butterfly Day:

Learn about butterfly life cycles, the fascinating migration routes of some butterflies and which flowers you should plant to attract butterflies. (Saturday LIVE animal presentation)

August 15th and 19th: Soakin' and Splashin' in the Garden:

Beat the Heat this summer with a little water Fun in the Children's Garden. Wear your swimsuit to play in the sprinklers and learn who needs water in the Garden!

August 29th and September 2nd: Mad Hatter Tea party:

Join us and share your favorite Garden Themed Stories. Together we'll explore the world of Peter Rabbit, Jack and the Beanstalk, and ask Mary: "How does your garden grow?"

September 26th: Scarecrows and Pumpkins:

This is the time of year for harvesting! Make your very own scarecrow and take home a pumpkin as we learn about the fall harvest! *This is also a FREE DAY at Kingman Museum!*

October 24th: Making A Difference At Spooky Science Saturday 11am-3pm:

Join us in the Children's Garden and at Kingman Museum for a day filled with science experiments, free things to take home, and fun for the whole family! (Call for more details)

For more information please call Katy Avery
269-969-0270 ex.120, or